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Box lacrosse, also known as indoor lacrosse, is a fast-paced, physical variation of the traditional game played on a smaller, enclosed field called a box. The game originated in Canada and has gained popularity worldwide due to its exciting gameplay and intense competition.

The key differences between box lacrosse and field lacrosse are the playing surface, number of players, and equipment. Box lacrosse is played on a hockey rink with boards, and each team consists of five runners and a goalie. The smaller playing area allows for tighter spaces and quicker gameplay, requiring players to make split-second decisions and display excellent stick skills.

Box lacrosse is particularly popular during the winter months when outdoor field lacrosse is not feasible. It provides an excellent opportunity for lacrosse players to continue honing their skills and staying in shape during the offseason.

Coaching Tools

Coaches play a vital role in developing players’ skills and understanding of box lacrosse. Whether you are a seasoned coach or just starting, there are various coaching tools available to help you plan effective practices and drills.

USA Lacrosse offers grants and resources for coaches to enhance their knowledge and coaching abilities. These grants provide financial support for coaches to attend clinics, purchase equipment, and access educational materials. By taking advantage of these coaching tools, coaches can create a positive learning environment for their players and help them reach their full potential.

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Think Inside the Box

Tight spaces. Fast pace. Quick decision making.

Box lacrosse’s confined playing area demands players to think quickly and be agile on their feet. It promotes strategic thinking and fast decision-making skills, as there is limited time and space to react to the opposing team’s tactics.

One of the advantages of box lacrosse is that players have more touches on the ball and are constantly engaged in the game. This increased involvement helps develop players’ stick skills, shooting accuracy, and overall lacrosse IQ. The competitive nature and intensity of box lacrosse make it an excellent training tool for enhancing athletic performance and preparing players for the outdoor field game.


USA Lacrosse Grants

USA Lacrosse has recently announced the availability of grants for coaches who want to further their education and make a positive impact on their team’s development. These grants offer financial assistance to coaches at all levels and enable them to attend coaching clinics, acquire new equipment, and access educational resources. Coaches can apply for these grants through the USA Lacrosse website and contribute to the growth of lacrosse in their communities.

8U Box Practice Plans

For coaches working with young players, the 8U Box Practice Plans provide a comprehensive guide for creating fun and engaging practices. These practice plans focus on fundamental skill development, including passing, catching, ground balls, and basic game concepts. With age-appropriate activities and drills, coaches can ensure that young players have an enjoyable experience and develop a strong foundation in the sport.

12U Box Practice Plans

The 12U Box Practice Plans are designed to build on the fundamentals and introduce more advanced concepts and strategies to young players. These practice plans incorporate stickwork drills, offensive and defensive strategies, and game-like scenarios to prepare players for the competitive aspects of box lacrosse. With a balanced mix of skill development and game simulation, coaches can maximize their team’s progress and help players excel in their performance.

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16U Box Practice Plans

At the 16U level, box lacrosse becomes even more intense and requires a higher level of skill and understanding. The 16U Box Practice Plans focus on refining advanced skills, improving conditioning, and implementing complex offensive and defensive strategies. Coaches can utilize these practice plans to challenge their players and prepare them for higher-level competitions and potential collegiate opportunities.

Latest News

Stay updated with the latest news in the world of box lacrosse. From player announcements to tournament results, USA Lacrosse provides the most recent updates to keep you informed. Stay connected and be a part of the growing box lacrosse community by following the latest news and events in the sport.

USA Lacrosse Names 2024 Women’s Box Training Team

In an exciting development, USA Lacrosse has recently named the 2024 Women’s Box Training Team. This team comprises talented female athletes who will receive specialized training in box lacrosse and represent the United States in international competitions. The announcement highlights the growing emphasis on women’s box lacrosse and the opportunities it provides for female players to showcase their skills on a global stage.

USA Lacrosse Names U.S. Men’s Box National Team Player Pool

USA Lacrosse has announced the formation of the U.S. Men’s Box National Team player pool. This pool consists of elite players who will be considered for future national team selection and represent the country in international box lacrosse events. The announcement reflects the commitment of USA Lacrosse to developing strong national teams and promoting the growth of box lacrosse in the United States.

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New Things to Know About Concussions in Youth Sport

Concussions are a significant concern in all sports, including box lacrosse. Recent research and advancements in concussion management have shed light on the importance of properly identifying and treating head injuries. Coaches, parents, and players should stay informed about the latest guidelines and protocols to ensure the safety of all participants. USA Lacrosse provides valuable resources and educational materials to help raise awareness and prevent concussions in youth sports.

Crysti Foote to Coach U.S. Women’s Team at Super Sixes Event

Renowned lacrosse coach Crysti Foote has been appointed as the coach of the U.S. Women’s Team at the upcoming Super Sixes event. Foote brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team and is expected to lead them to success in the tournament. The announcement has generated excitement within the lacrosse community and serves as a testament to the importance of skilled and dedicated coaching in achieving competitive excellence.

Récapitulatif des points clés

  • Box lacrosse is a fast-paced, physical variation of the traditional game played on a smaller, enclosed field called a box.
  • The game demands quick decision making and excellent stick skills due to its tighter spaces and faster pace.
  • Coaching tools, such as grants, practice plans, and coaching clinics, are available to enhance coaching abilities.
  • USA Lacrosse provides the latest news and updates on box lacrosse, including team announcements and event results.
  • Concussion management and player safety are essential aspects of youth sports, including box lacrosse.
  • Experienced coaches play a crucial role in the success of national teams, like the U.S. Women’s and Men’s Box National Teams.


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